Lee Horton, Ph.D.

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Counseling for couples and individuals in Memphis, Germantown, Southaven and the Mid-South region.


Couples Therapy
Couples therapy is a process of changing your behavior toward each other. Couples typically struggle to communicate their feelings in way that does not lead to feeling attacked. When your partner feels attacked, this leads to a pattern of defensive withdrawal or arguments that end up nowhere.

Individual Therapy
Relationship problems can trigger pain, but your pain can also trigger relationship problems. Indivi;dual therapy can help you to manage your emotions and can help restore your self-worth. Individual therapy is also useful for those trying to decide whether to remain committed to their relationship or those sufferring from a loss of a relationship.

Men's Issues
Men often struggle to express themself in a relationship. Perhaps they have never had the opportunity to examine themself in an accepting relationship. Counseling can be an opportunity to discover your identity and to give voice to that individual.