Lee Horton, Ph.D.

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Counseling for couples and individuals in Memphis, Germantown, Southaven and the Mid-South region.

Surviving a Marital Crisis:
Help for Couples When Commitment Becomes Uncertain

"I love you, but I'm not in love with you."

​"I'm just not sure I want to be married."

The message hits you in the stomach and leaves you trying to understand what it means for your relationship - and how you should respond. It is normal to feel anxious and helpless in the face of losing your partner's commitment to the relationship. In a desperate effort to save the relationship, you can diminish yourself by reaching out to a partner whom has nothing to offer in return except rejection. 

I help couples or individuals to move from feeling lost and powerless to a path of understanding the dynamics of a relationship crisis and how  to respond to a partner's uncertain commitment to the relationship.  You can learn to respond in a manner that preserves your self-esteem while pursuing what you want from your partner.