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Counseling for couples and individuals in Memphis, Germantown, Southaven and the Mid-South region.

Crumbling Commitment

How Will This Book Help?

• Are you experiencing relationship problems in your marriage or a
         marriage crisis? 

• Understand why your relationship with your spouse has changed
         so dramatically and so quickly. No it doesn't necessarily mean
         that there is someone else.

• How to keep your feelings from harming the future of your
         relationship. Learn how to manage your anger, anxiety and

• Gain a glimpse of the inner world of an ambivalent spouse trying               to choose whether to remain married or divorce.  Get answers
         to questions your partner will not, or cannot answer.

• Understand the inner tensions that keep your mate from coming
         to a quick decision.

• Prevent impulsive or emotional decision-making that may later be

• Respond to your partner in a way that reduces the distance in
         your relationship.  Find surprising changes you can make for
         yourself that will attract your mate to the marriage.

• Help family and friends maintain support without becoming

• Determine whether a separation can benefit your marriage.

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