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Learning Couple Skills: Finding the Tools For Intimacy

Lee Horton, Ph.D.

"We feel like roomates. I miss being close to my partner."

"All we do is argue. We can't agree on anything. I miss my best friend!"

"We go through our life peacefully, but I don't really feel that we know each other."

"There is no passion in our marriage, we get along fine but the spark has gone out of our marriage."

Perhaps you simply sense that something is wrong in your relationship but you can't put your finger on the issue. You sense greater distance from your partner or you note that tensions have increased. You know that you are both committed to the relationship but how do you regain that connection that you experienced when you first fell in love?

I am excited when couples turn to me to help them work to increase the intimacy of their marriage (or committed relationship). Many couples lack the skills to negotiate a warm, intimate relationship, and settle for a cold, distant life together simply because they don't know how to regain the close relationship they once enjoyed. I can give you the skills to start you on a path to building a stronger, closer relationship.

I am trained as a psychologist, but also have
an undergraduate and a  masters degree in family studies/marriage and family therapy. I have completed the clinical training required by the Assoc. for Marriage and Family Therapy, the only professional organization that certifies marriage counselors. I have previously worked in a church-based psychological clinic and did internship training at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center.

My most important training has come from counseling with married couples and couples in committed relationships for more than 30 years (hey, I started young). I have learned that marriage is difficult yet we are not given training in how to "do marriage".  Although some couples have past issues that prevent them from bonding and require more extensive work, most couples find that in three months they are able to make changes in their relationship that result in greater intimacy, not just reduced tension.

Lee Horton, Ph.D.
Marriage Counselor